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Whatever happens to the environment affects everyone, so protecting and preserving the environment is everyone’s business. The ministry of environment of each state in the US has put in place safety measures towards ensuring a hazard-free installation and removal of underground storage tanks. Each of these procedures requires adherence to the guidelines of each state’s department of environment. 

Underground storage tanks rust removal in Chicago is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency to avoid corrosion or leaking, which can cause harm to the environment.


Underground storage tanks are known to give property owners a headache. An underground storage tank (UST) is either a single tank or a combination of tanks connected through pipes as a system underground. Almost all underground storage tanks will undoubtedly leak. The potential contamination of the surrounding soil or groundwater makes its regulation a priority for each state’s department of environment in the US.

However, removing underground storage tanks can’t be performed by just anyone but professionals, and that’s where we come in! With decades of experience, we know the best method to remove and treat underground tanks in line with the Chicago Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation.  


Most times, anything abandoned, especially metals, invite rust. And this is not different from underground storage tanks. The tank or tanks can get rusted by lack of use, likewise when the tanks are due for cleaning or removal. However, here are how we go about our underground tank removal and treatment processes.

  • Our Underground Tank Removal process 

Suppose you have an underground storage tank in your property full of rust and are willing to remove it in the right way. In that case, the first step we take is to notify the appropriate local and state governments of your intention to remove the tank 30 days before we commence such a task. Adhering to laid down rules and regulations is one of many reasons our clients trust our perfect underground storage tank services.

  • Our Underground Tank Treatment Process

To inert a tank means replacing the oxygen in the tank with a non-explosive gas like nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Once this is done, our professional Chicago underground storage tank removal staff contain small spills that might occur in pipe disconnection and clean the tank thoroughly if done onsite. Only a few underground storage tank removal services in Chicago, Illinois, can match our superlative service. 

We make use of common abrasives such as pea, aquarium gravel, loose nuts, bolts, and plain gravel to scrub, remove and treat the rust in your underground storage tank. In some cases where stubborn rusts refuse to be treated, we go ahead to use chemicals like vinegar or baking soda to create a chemical reaction to loosen rust. There is a step further called electrolysis, which is getting electric current to pass through ionic substances to separate the substances. We make use of a 12V battery, any ferrous metal, and sodium carbonate.

  • Our Underground Tank Leaking Prevention Procedure

We do not only remove but prevent underground tanks from leaking in Chicago, IL. We construct double-walled fiberglass to monitor leaks electronically. To also solve tank overfills, we insert spill buckets so that the large spill buckets will capture the product in the event of any little spill. You can rest assured our staff will deliver a perfect removal of your UST and ensure no spill is recorded based on our many years of experience and unrivaled expertise.

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Rust Removal Chicago

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Rust Removal Chicago

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