Carpet Cleaning

We are very proud of our multi-step cleaning process, which leaves your carpets residue-free and prevents re-soiling.

What do I get for my money?

Trashed carpets warranty is void. However, we can recondition and restore carpet at $0.60 per square foot. Ask for pricing on your specific type of carpeting.

All packages include the following:

  1. UV Light inspection for urine / pet contamination
  2. Light Furniture Moving* – within reason
  3. Pretreat all food, beverage soil based stains* – red dye, yellow dye, gum, wax, urine, tar removal will be billed separately
  4. Truck-mounted steam clean and sanitize all carpeted areas with hand or rotary scrub extraction
  5. High flow and rinse
  6. Zero residue process utilizing soft water rinse
  7. Rapid speed dry / flash dry
  8. Drug Free / Owner Operator
  9. Always uniformed and clean cut
  10. On-time, guaranteed results

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Cleaning Prices *Room (“210 sq ft or less)

2 Rooms + Hall $120.00
3 Rooms + Hall $165.00
4 Rooms + Hall $205.00
5 Rooms + Hall $245.00
6 Rooms + Hall $280.00
Add Rooms $30.00 Per
Standard closets are included in all carpet cleanings

Cleaning Extras

Walk in Closets $15.00
Stairways $40.00
Scotch Guarding (Rooms) $25.00 per room
Scotch Guarding (Stairway or Landing) $35.00 per room
Odor Treatment / Odorcide $15.00 per room
Subsurface Flush & Rinse / Urine contamination $30.00 each
Carpet Color Dye (not to exceed 3” x 3”) $25.00 per area
Encapsulation – Low Moisture Cleaning $0.23 sq ft
Portable or “high rise” service $75.00

Pressure Washing Services

You might be tempted to pressure wash your own home, but it can be an expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming endeavor. Instead, contact Sand Point Carpet Care, and we will come to your location with the machine, as well as all of the necessary equipment and cleaners/degreasers, and clean the area for you.

All packages include the following:

  1. Clean fences, equipment, and more.
  2. Make your home sanitary.
  3. Remove plants/vegetation growing where it shouldn’t.
  4. Remove stains from your driveway or sidewalk
  5. Pre-prep for painting or staining project.

Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your process work?

    After a thorough pre-vacuuming, I apply an all natural cleaner. The cleaner is solvent free, detergent free, soap free and free of petrochemicals. It safely breaks down and emulsifies any contaminants in the carpet. This natural cleaner is then rinsed with 210 degree water with our truck mounted steam cleaning unit. The high-powered unit is capable of extracting almost all of the moisture and, combined with high powered drying fans, I am able to get the carpets dry in just 4-6 hours, generally.

  • What’s included in your price?

    There are never any hidden charges. All prices include vacuuming, light furniture moving, pre-treating and spotting.

  • Is there a soapy residue?

    No, our cleaning product contains no soaps, petrochemicals or detergents. Therefore, your carpet will not re-soil rapidly, as we leave your carpets clean and residue free. It also means that your carpets are left with a softer feel.

  • After my last cleaning, spots came back. Can you prevent this?

    I give you a 14-day guarantee, so if spots come back so do I. Usually, recurring spots are caused by the cleaner using too much soap/detergent or too much pressure. I do neither of those things.

  • How long does it take to dry?

    Carpets are dry in only 4-6 hours in most cases, but sometimes in as few as 30 minutes.

  • Is there an odor?

    No, our cleaning product is completely odor free. Perfect for allergy sufferers. No toxic solvents or detergents.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    Yes, if you are unhappy with the cleaning for any reason, let me know within 14 days, and I will return and re-clean your carpet for no charge—my personal GUARANTEE to you, the customer.
    I WILL always be fair, honest and reliable.
    I WILL always treat your home or business with the utmost respect.
    I WILL always provide the highest level of cleaning, never cutting corners.
    I WILL always show up on time, well groomed/dressed in uniform.
    I WILL always provide AMAZING results. If you are not happy with the level of service I provide DON’T PAY ME!!!
    I WILL NOT ever be dishonest.
    I WILL NOT bang up your baseboards or damage your home in anyway.
    I WILL NOT leave tacky soapy residue in your carpet.
    I WILL NOT be late.
    I WILL NOT leave you disappointed!

  • How much does it cost?

    My prices are quite reasonable, and there are no surprises. The price you see is the price you pay—no hidden charges, ever.

Pet Stain & Pet Odor Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your pet odor removal process work on carpet?

    I use a multiple-step process to treat most pet situations. A deodorizer is applied to the carpet as a pre-spray. After being allowed to dwell, it is extracted using a powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning unit. The cleaning unit will remove as much of the contaminants from the carpet as possible. I will then apply another deodorizing treatment on top of the carpet to neutralize any remaining odor.

  • Is there a strong odor?

    No, the product I use has only a slight lemon scent. Most people find it pleasant, and it will fade away quickly.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    I do not offer guaranteed pet odor removal. Some companies offer this service, but the costs associated with it are so high that you would be better off simply replacing the carpet. Replacement is really the only way to get rid of pet odor entirely. The cost for my deodorization service is quite reasonable, but if you are considering new carpet, you might want to make it your first option.

  • How much does it cost?

    As with all of my services, I believe in up-front pricing. Please check above for Pet Stain & Odor Removal pricing.


  • Brian came out and cleaned our carpets. He was punctual, very friendly and got the job done in the time frame he said he would. Brian gave me many helpful tips that will help to prolong the life of our carpet. The products he uses are natural which is wonderful and the carpets dried in about 3 hours. Thank you so much Brian. We are very, very pleased with the job you did for us. We will be using this company from now on!!!!!
  • Brian took the time to explain his natural based products and his own cleaning process to me prior to cleaning my home. He even advised me on some home formulas for the upkeep of my carpet should any stains arise. He was very honest and pricing was super competitive. I'd highly recommend his services for any carpet cleaning!
  • Brian went over tips on how to keep the carpet looking fresh and even left me some of the solution to help me out in case I needed it! The carpet looked fantastic when he was done, and it's 25 year old original carpet that had Spot Shot sprayed in various areas but his great work helped remove those poor cheap cleaning solutions. For all those who live in Bonner County, I recommend Sandpoint Carpet Care for excellent service.

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