Natural Stone Cleaning

Regular mopping will not completely clean natural stone floor, but professional stone floor cleaning can remove stains from natural stone floors.

What do I get for my money?

  1. Complete machine / brush scrub of the entire surface with our safe, proprietary cleaning solution
  2. Controlled high-pressure rinse at 1200 PSI @ 210 Degrees to effectively flush and rinse all contaminants from the natural stone
  3. Speed dry all surface with axial fans
  4. Apply clear seal (Recommended), buff dry
  5. Complete stone scrub of all surfaces to eliminate hard water deposits, scale and detergent buildup; neutralize surfaces with crystal clean
  6. Polish stone with our StonePro polish compound and crystalizer
  7. Seal all stone surfaces with our Ultimate Pro Sealer for a bulletproof finish that resists stains and etching
  8. Apply final touch with High-Speed Buff. We burnish in our final touch product as a last step for zero fingerprint finish. Natural stone cleaning, from us, will restore your floors to NEW!

Travertine, Slate, & Marble Prices


Regular Cleaning $1.25 per sq ft
Cleaning With Clear Seal $1.35 per sq ft
Granite Countertops Cleaning $2.00 per sq ft
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  • Brian came out and cleaned our carpets. He was punctual, very friendly and got the job done in the time frame he said he would. Brian gave me many helpful tips that will help to prolong the life of our carpet. The products he uses are natural which is wonderful and the carpets dried in about 3 hours. Thank you so much Brian. We are very, very pleased with the job you did for us. We will be using this company from now on!!!!!
  • Brian took the time to explain his natural based products and his own cleaning process to me prior to cleaning my home. He even advised me on some home formulas for the upkeep of my carpet should any stains arise. He was very honest and pricing was super competitive. I'd highly recommend his services for any carpet cleaning!
  • Brian went over tips on how to keep the carpet looking fresh and even left me some of the solution to help me out in case I needed it! The carpet looked fantastic when he was done, and it's 25 year old original carpet that had Spot Shot sprayed in various areas but his great work helped remove those poor cheap cleaning solutions. For all those who live in Bonner County, I recommend Sandpoint Carpet Care for excellent service.

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